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Emil Holck Reimert (1997)

In Denmark we are blessed with a very unique design heritage, in which I find a lot of inspiration. Way too often pieces of furniture are being put into production, without a good understanding of craftmanship, or the materials being used. This unfortunately results in furniture in/of a poor quality and with a very short life span.

What the Danish Design heritage on the other hand has shown us, is that the foundation of all good design is, that the designer respects the craftmanship and the materials being used, because only by doing that, good furniture can be designed.

I believe that the Danish Design heritage is defined by that understanding, which kind of can be symbolized by a trinity between the designer, the craftsman and the materials, and that trinity I always pursue in my designs


2020  Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 

2019  FSC Design Award 

2019  Climate – Change For A Sustainable Future 

2018  FSC Design Award 

2018  Skud På Stammen 

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