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FSC Dining chair 

I designed the FSC Dining chair for the FSC Design Award during the 1. year of my studies.

FSC is a certification scheme that ensures that all wood with the FSC mark on it is sustainable. Therefore, the big theme of the FSC Design Award, which is an annual award, is sustainable furniture build in wood.

I have obviously made the chair using FSC certified wood, but the chair has also been designed in a way, that insures it a long life. The chair has been build using traditional wooden joinery, which makes the construction very strong. The seat has also got some details which makes the chair more sustainable. The thing is, that the padding on the seat is being subjected with a great wear, why it eventually will have to be replaced. This is something that I have made easy on this chair, because only by loosening some very small bolt underneath the seat, the padding can be taken of, the fabric can be replaced, and then the padding can be put back on the seat again. 

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